In my case, the words above, mean a whole lot especially when I think about it or go into my space of many questions.

You’re welcome to DWW PICTURE POETRY. Apologies for not engaging you on Monday and Wednesday.

Emmm… Have you ever been in a point where you climbed up but down seems to be more comfortable and then you feel like going down because you like it there?

Don’t be shy! We’re family! Let’s talk about it…

-See picture

-Compose a poem inspired by picture

-Share with us

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Simon Warwick Beresford (@guest_8847)
4 months ago


Wouldn’t it be awful
If you fell down there
Would I try to catch you
Would I
Simply stare!?

Catherine (@catherine)
5 months ago

I love this ♡ This poem is written about strength and the reassurance to keep climbing…. Once Upon A Staircase 👣 Once upon a staircase, a giant step I made Looking up to struggles, down a waterfall cascade. Another step is taken, a giant leap I take All the different stages with every step I make. Once upon a staircase, another step I took Growing through the pages of a written journal book. Inked in footprints, left behind by stain If I keep going only a few steps remain. Once upon a staircase, I looked up the last time A… Read more »

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