Most times I wonder why people do not make good on their promises. Think about it. I may be wrong. I may be totally wrong but I think we’re loosing it to growth. Gradually, we slip into oblivion and loose the efficacy of words.

Far back…some three years, I really do not remember the exact year, someone promised to do something for me. I totally banked on his words not knowing what was to come. I had made plans around the promise because I felt and believed that once words are uttered, then, realization should not be a problem.

I had it coming. A big bunch of disappointment that slapped me hard on the face. It crumbled my esteem as I hid my face for a while. Maybe he too banked on a promise like me and got the same disappointment.

Now, I do not bank on promises. All I do is wait for it. If it comes it comes; if it doesn’t so be it.

If I bring in some narrative from the HOLY BIBLE you would see clearly the efficacy of words we no longer value as we lay promises in the heart of many without caution. My rule of thumb is to always be blunt and brute. It may not augur well for some but it helps my consciousness because I know I did not set any heart high on something yet to be seen. It sounds difficult but it is easier to say i can’t do this or promise to. You should try it.

You may want to ask why keep a promise when others play with it? The answer to that question is a question: why promise an act when you cannot keep it?

The truth of the matter is that if we truly care about people and how they feel, we will be responsible  enough to attach filters in our mouths and embrace humanity so warmly that even though you cannot do something for someone when they asked; telling them, sincerely, that you cannot…

Written by Abuh Monday Eneojo

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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6 months ago

I love this article! It is written with true words and heart. Great job 👏👏👏❤️


6 months ago

I pinky promise she whispered
yet her eyes were vacant
although our fingers locked in the moment
she appeared to not be listening.
I felt the weight and responsibility of my own expectations
would the world let me down
or would we together make good on our promises?
The evolution of my own understandings & observations
created to many words on repeat
and this time I hoped the promises between us would sync. -Amberdawn (CRG)

6 months ago

I enjoy your perspective on the article and agree that often times people use words frivolously.

thanks sweetie for reading and commenting….Samantha

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