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NXVIM                      “A CULT UNLIKE ANY OTHER”

Today, I begin the first of five daily wisdom words that explain the particulars of cults and why people join them. The first daily wisdom word naming a cult will be about NXVIM.  Kieth Raniere started NXIVM in the early nineties.  One thing I’ve noticed with cult leaders is they never start off wanting to do something bad.  I believe each of them initially meant to do good, in fact.  However, because most of them are narcissistic, the power they receive from the members who join allows them to cross and blur lines with the dignity and boundaries, and respect we all deserve.  Women and children are especially targeted in Cults like NXIVM.  

Prior to starting NXVIM, Keith already had an issue with blurring boundaries when he was involved with a fifteen-year-old with him in his 30’s.  He even managed to convince this girl’s mother that he was the best thing for her daughter.  She was so convinced, she signed away her rights as a mother by signing away her daughter to Raniere.  Raniere questioned laws at every corner.  Once he justified to himself the law was wrong, he crossed over, breaking this law.  There are many different cults, but this one fascinated and horrified me the most.  Starting with marketing itself as an ESP aka, EXECUTIVE SUCCESS PROGRAM. Raniere stationed NEXIVM’s headquarters near Albany, New York.  Reportedly, Raniere claimed to have an I.Q over 240, making him one of the top geniuses in the world if true.  Also claiming to have degrees in Philosophy and Science, Keith Raniere represented someone people could elevate or give their power away to.  He also claimed to be speaking full sentences at the age of one year old.  His members began thinking of him as a GOD.  

Raniere claimed to have the answers to success and financial freedom for all members.  He recruited actresses, attractive women and men, and others displaying success, using their faces to market NXVIM.  Throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, NXIVM became a multi-million dollar privately held company.  This was due in part to who his members and partner were, Allison Mack, a star in Hollywood.  Raniere also did segments of videos opening some of the mystery of NXIVM, and people began expanding its growth that was part of its organization.  With centers all over the United States and Canada, NXIVM grew into a multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme.  Key players sold new members everywhere while Raniere secretly ran a private women’s organization within NXVIM, also known as DOS.  This was a group of women who had to get “branded” as part of the initiation process with Raniere’s initials.  The women would lie on a massage table for up to 40 minutes pledging themselves to their master, Raniere also known as “VANGUARD”, which means master in some philosophies.  

Sadly, as part of the initiation along with the branding, the women had to have sex with to be part of DOS.  Each female within the organization had to “get dirt or leverage” on each member in case they ever tried to defect from the organization.  The branding caused one member Sarah Edmonton, one of Nxivm’s top members to defect.  Along with her, many other women and men defected from the organization.  Raniere was arrested in 2018 in Mexico on charges of rape, sodomy, child pornography, and many others.  He was convicted of all charges and is awaiting sentencing which will range from 15 years to life.  

Why would a person ever join a cult?  Generally, new members who are susceptible to join, are lost or looking for a pathway to knowledge.  With movie stars and attractive women wearing the face of the organization, they want what they see.  After they get involved, they are literally brainwashed into believing the leader of the cult is their “god”, giving all their power away to this person.  We will cover more about why people join cults in the next article.  This is once again the first, of a five-part series I am doing so people are educated about cults prior to ever joining one.  I hope you learned something from today’s daily wisdom word, NXIVM.

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Samantha LeBoeuf

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
7 months ago

This sounded like a particularly brutal group. Personally, I don’t think I would have sat still for the branding because I am allergic to pain. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Sam. I am 👀 forward to the rest of the series.

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