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WHEN OPPORTUNITIES PRESENT THEMSELVES, THEY AREN’T ALWAYS GLARING or OBVIOUS…Sometimes opportunities present themselves in small ways.  Perhaps you’re looking for a job and have been for a while.  You might see “pieces” of an opportunity before the full opportunity is revealed, or you might miss the opportunity presented altogether.  Often, opportunities start of as a “hint” or show just part of what will fully be revealed over time.  What does this mean to us? 

Opportunities are often missed because we first did not clearly ask or affirm what kind of opportunity we are searching for.  Opportunities come into clear focus when they are presented only if we have asked for them to begin with or are open to them.  We miss opportunities often because of our awareness level to recognize one.  One way we can be more cognizant when opportunity knocks is to ask the Universe or God for what opportunity we need to start off with.  Asking for the right kind of opportunity we want is most important.  This is the same as setting goals and writing them down on paper.  The more specific we are with our goal or the opportunity we want, the clearer we are able to see these opportunities when they are revealed. 

I remember when I still worked in New Home Sales.  I had been on two different interviews for a community sales manager position for new home builders.  The two companies I interviewed with,  I was sure were the opportunities I had asked for.  My thinking with this kind of career at the time was to avoid builders with too much red tape and corporate structure which can be done by working for a smaller builder. Long story short, one company called me back for a second interview.  The other company didn’t call back at all, and after I left a message with the hiring manager, I was told they offered the position to someone else. 

I began questioning myself and ability.  I knew I had a good resume, with good references, but it seemed to me the universe was not making it any easier.  I had set my goals in writing as I am suggesting we do now.  Remember, I also was specific as possible with what kind of job opportunity  I was looking for. 

A few days later, driving down the road, I noticed a small stick sign advertising condominiums for sale with a local, smaller builder.  I scribbled down the number and tracked down the sales manager to ask if they were hiring.  I was told, “yes, a position just opened up”.  Oddly, it was in a community I had driven by close to my house and it would be working for a smaller builder.  I interviewed, and was hired the next day.  The next five years I broke sales records I never thought could happen and met so many interesting, amazing people. 

After getting the job, I bumped across my notebook used to do my affirmations and goal setting.  Ironically, I had specified  in my wording that I would get a job with a smaller builder.  This company was perfect for me .  I had five years of fortune until health issues forced me to retire from the industry itself.  I want you to remember my story and lessons in it.  First, I set a specific goal or affirmation and wrote this affirmation over and over.  By doing this, I was continually reaffirming my belief that the right opportunity for the right kind of builder would be my opportunity, because I was specific with my goal or affirmation.  I never would have noticed the small stick sign to my left on the sidewalk nearest the road I happened to be driving on.  I never would have even thought to look with this company because they were smaller, just as I specified, so I had not heard of them to research.  The smaller builder, (specified in my affirmation), was preparing to list the position open nearest my home, but had not yet done so.  

Everytime I feel hopeless about something within reason I want to manifest, I still write this goal or affirmation over and over.  The opportunity I asked for would never had been noticed if I wasn’t hypersensitive to what I was specifically asking for.  We miss opportunities daily.  It is often because an opportunity is not always clear or we are not clearing our minds to notice the “hint” we get for the potential opportunity. 

Thanks so much for reading.  Samantha Leboeuf

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