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In today’s world, life is designed to be as easy as possible for us.  Think about it:  Our car, home, and frozen foods, and just about everything is designed so we don’t have to utilize much effort,  physically, mentally and even emotionally, think, do, feel or pursue, whatever we want.  My goodness!  I can now even order an abdominal wrap, that does my abdominal exercises for me.  
Tenacity, perseverance, and working towards what you wish to achieve, is so important to remember.  I just read that the divorce rate is higher than ever.  I feel some of this has to do with a lack of perseverance for most everything in our lives, including giving up too soon on a relationship, when had we stuck it out, we might have worked through it, and the rewards would be tremendous.  Because of a “lack of perseverance”,
we will never know what could have been.
Perseverance is like a muscle.  You must work at it every day.  Write down the goals you wish to achieve.
Write them down.  Don’t speak the words into your cell phone or computer.  Write down your goals.  This establishes an extra message to your brain. It is also more time you personally invest and the more invested you are in a situation, the harder you will try.   Not only have you thought them, you’ve already made extra effort by taking the time to think and write down what it is you wish to strengthen in your life, and how you will go about persevering to achieve it.
Even though it is nice to have everything designed to make things as easy as possible for ourselves, its also important for all of us to remember that applying extra effort, can’t hurt.  We could all use a lesson in perseverance.  I think it is important to direct our energy into working a situation out, rather than spending time justifying why something, couldn’t work. I know I have times when it is easier to tell myself, ” I guess it just wasn’t meant to be”.  Or, thinking,  If God wanted me to achieve this goal, more opportunities would have been available to me.
A lack of perseverance in our lives leads to us compromising our goals, and dreams but most importantly, ourselves.  Just because things are easier in life, and we can touch a button to shut off all the lights in our home or set an alarm system remotely, or install programs or software to think for us, sometimes, the easy way is not always the best way.
I still believe the best things in life are the hardest worked for, and the strongest relationships are the ones that have suffered the most hardships and overcome the biggest challenges.  I feel that quitting too soon, just because things aren’t going right currently in any relationship or important opportunity, doesn’t mean we give up.  The biggest lessons I have learned have come with turbulence, mistakes, and if I did not persevere to make these situations better, and work just a little harder to achieve my goals, there are people in my life now, that would not be any longer if I had not persevered to make things better.  
The best job I ever had, required calling the owner 10 times begging for it, and going the extra mile to prove to him there was nothing I wouldn’t do to achieve his goals which would become mine should he hire me. Eventually, he did.  I asked him one day, after hearing there were 50 other qualified candidates for the position, some more so than me, why he chose to hire me.  He said, “Samantha, I felt if you tried that hard with me to get this job, you would try that hard to get new clients business and keep our existing ones happy.”
In a world like this, it is easy to forget about perseverance.  When we want something, or need it, 
we must always remember, to strive, and work towards goals. Why should you ask yourself the question, am I chasing after my goals, dreams, wants and successes in my personal relationships and opportunities, or do I expect them to chase after me and do all the compromising?  Am I doing everything I can to make a success out of every opportunity, or better yet, create one?  
Perseverance is the accelerator in a car.  Without pressing down on the gas, the car will continue to go the same speed.  I know I could stand remembering all of this myself, and hopefully you will persevere in everything you do to make it the best situation it can possibly be.  Don’t give up too easily!
I will close today with a saying I wrote 20 years ago:  Never give up on something your really want, not until the end, and if that plan does not work, then begin all over again.  SL
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