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ROADBLOCKS                                           HOW DO WE OVERCOME THEM?

Life is full roadblocks.  Some of us see a roadblock and stop.  Some of us see a roadblock as a hurdle.  We find a way to go around it or jump over it.  The latter is the kind of person I like to be and believe myself to be.  Viewing a life full of roadblocks, is realistic.  Life, especially when dealing with complicated situations will present us with “roadblocks”.  If we turn away, without looking for a way around, we basically allow these roadblocks to control us and our decisions.  You can be the most intelligent person on this planet, but if you do not know how to proceed around roadblocks rather than turn away, you won’t get very far with this.  

Let us take a look at the definition of a roadblock in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom words definition.  

Webster Definition of roadblock-1.  Something that blocks progress or prevents accomplishment of an objective.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-a temporary workaround that stops us in our tracks but doesn’t stop us more than temporarily.  

Creativity is a quality that is just as important as intelligence but without persistence, creativity in and of itself, can’t guide you around the roadblocks in life.  When we take creativity and add persistence and intelligence, we have a winning mix of  human success.  If we have a dream, unless we attempt to make it reality, it will always be just a dream in our mind.  A dream is no different that a dream you have when you are sleeping and wake up.  You may remember a dream as meaningful, but chances are it is forgotten or placed in our imagination never to play on into reality.  A dream we never play out by trying despite the roadblocks we should expect will sadly remain just this.  Let us refer to roadblocks to also be thought of as looking at a map.  If I want to go to Colorado from Arizona, there is more than one path to get there.  This is how we must view roadblocks in life.  

Persistence, which I mentioned is a quality needed to bring a dream into reality is nothing more than making a decision with vision and a plan.  The more specific the plan is adding some flexibility for the roadblocks in life is one that, with the right plan will be successful.  I feel very confident, if you have a plan with logistics and a specific plan you will achieve your dream.

A dream that is something in your heart and head is a dream that is very powerful with persistence and creativity and I believe with the right plan we can achieve it.  There will always be those individuals who are the negative nellies telling us that our dream is unrealistic and impossible.  They will have many reasons why your dream will not succeed and may have valid points, but only you in your heart with the right plan will know it is possible with proper persistence.  One of the first poems I wrote when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, still rings true today for me:  It goes like this:  “Never give up on something you really want, not until the end.”  When all else fails, make sure to begin once again.”  This still comes to mind for me when I wish to turn a dream into reality.  

Thanks so much for reading.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Daily Wisdom Words, LLC


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