Life is tough.  I believe being aware of our thoughts as we think them can be very powerful in making it easier.  Before we can fix an issue, we must identify the problem.  Have you ever had a situation that you anticipated would be worse than it actually was after you accomplished it?  This starts with our thought process.  Often thoughts can be driven by fear.  We have hundreds of thoughts run through our mind daily. If we are cognizant of these thoughts as we are actively thinking them, we can teach ourselves to rephrase each thought into a positive affirmation. 

For example, we are tasked with an unfamiliar job responsibility.  Our first thought is usually an instinctual one, based from fear of the unknown.  We think “Oh no, how am I going to manage this?”  We start by rephrasing our initial thought into a positive affirmation. You will begin to see a pattern with negative thinking pattern.  Instead of our initial thought, we replace with positivity, one thought at a time.  For example, we would replace the initial fearful thought with the following:  “Wow, my boss must trust my ability and I trust it as well”.  “I look forward to this challenge.”  By rephrasing the initial thought, we have replaced it with a positive thought which stimulates our brain in a productive manner.  We then open the doorway for following thoughts which lead us to solutions based from inner strength and healthy thought patterns.  

This kind of training requires hard work and being cognizant at all times what you are thinking.  It is possible to separate our moods and even take a bad mood and change it with a different thought pattern.  If our initial thought is positive, we feel strength instead of fear, and courage instead of discouragement.  The thoughts that follow will be ones that. are positive.  By simply being aware of our thoughts, we can replay how we got to a certain place that requires a decision or action based on these thoughts. thinking positive, we find solutions and open doors instead of hopelessness and fear of failure.  Again, this all starts with our initial thought which follows with other thoughts following the first thought.  

Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of thoughts-1.  an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind.  2.  One’s mind or attention.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of thoughts-The first thought the brain creates based on previous experiences and present attitude.  

Thoughts like everything, respond to the strong power of positivity.  Fear is replaced when we are aware of our thoughts and replace these with positive ones.  We think going backwards to trace back to our initial thought.  We then replant the initial thought with a positive thought and reverse the process, moving forward, replacing each negative thought with a positive one. 

I am suggesting to all of my readers they keep a “thought diary”.  What this means is writing down the last thought we remember, tracing backwards and writing down each thought we had.  By tracing backwards, we arrive at our initial thought based out of fear and negativity.

You start with the last thought you remember about any situation which is challenging or even painful and go backwards, sorting out your thought process.  it is impo a space underneath each thought you write down.  This will lead you to the “initial thought” which created the thought process of a negative or painful feeling or idea. 

The “initial thought”, is the first thought that took you to the conclusions and opinions formed from end to beginning.  The thought diary can be used for any situation you feel would benefit from positivity and an affirmative thought pattern.   In your thought diary, after tracing your thought process backwards, you will, one thought at a time, you reach your” initial thought” which started the negative thinking pattern. 

Then, simply reverse the process again.  Starting with your initial first thought you trace, we begin moving forward, write down a positive thought in place of your initial negative thought in the empty line you left when starting this process.  you will rephrase each thought, starting with the initial thought and write down a positive affirmation thought underneath the negative ones. Underneath each thought, write down a positive thought in the blank space you left when starting this thought pattern.


Moving forward, this will change the overall thought pattern.  These of course are the thoughts based out of fear or inferiorities. By reversing the process,You are moving forward with positive replacement thoughts for each of the negative, fearful  or painful thoughts.  

The change will not happen overnight.  It takes a bit of time to reboot your minds thinking pattern.  My job is to give you success tools as a writer that will provide wisdom, positive solutions and long-term happiness.  

If you consider yourself to be a cynic, a “thought diary” would be all the more important for you to try.  We can’t change personality traits, but we can modify them with positive thought patterns through actively monitoring our thoughts and stopping ourselves when we are headed to the road labeled with a sign, negativity or fears.  

Thank you for reading today. I hope you will give serious “thought” to my suggestions.  Try the “Thought Diary Process.”  It truly can work if you work it.  It will also strengthen the mind and work the muscles in your brain adding unexpected benefits such as more creativity with your writing and poetry. By expanding your mind, you have more strength and power, accessing new channels of thinking, benefiting your creativity.   Our mind and brain are affected with this new thought process. An added benefit, is our brain produces natural dopamine and serotonin.  This process overall, takes time.  New habits take place with repetition.  This repetition must be exercised daily, taking approximately 21 days of practice to set in motion a new habit.    

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Samantha Leboeuf/Founder


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