What does wealth really mean?  Is it all about how much money we have in the bank?  Let us take a look at the definition of wealth in our Webster Dictionary and give this daily wisdom word a real definition.

Wealth-1.  an abundance of valuable possessions or money.  The state of being rich;  material prosperity  Plentiful supplies of a particular resource.  WELL BEING;  PROSPERITY.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Being rich in resources such as depth, a wonderful personality, a giving heart.  All of these things are a part of the true definition of wealth.

Wealth is often confused with how much money you have verses who you are and what resources you have access to.  This kind of wealth is called inner wealth, and it is one of the biggest blessings one can have.  This is the kind of wealth that shines brighter than a shiny penny..  True “wealth” is inner beauty, and all about the substance one in made of.   Are you made with gold, silver, or bronze?

It is possible to become “wealthy” and go from a bronze to a gold status with wealth by becoming a better person on the inside.  Being prosperous on the inside makes you rich, with so much wealth,, you cannot ask for any more because when your this kind of wealthy.  This is about being a wonderful person, who is giving to others because as we often hear,  when you give, you get back two-fold.

A truly wealthy individual doesn’t give to get back two-fold.  They give because there is a feeling in their hearts that make them want to see the sparkle on someone’s face when they do give.  I want all of us to think about the definition I just described for wealth, and when we feel we are not wealthy enough, ask ourselves in what way are we not wealthy?

I would really appreciate comments on what wealth means to you. I also would appreciate a poem or a quote about what true wealth really means.  Comments, poems and quotes go beneath this article at the bottom of the page in the “join the discussion” box.  Share this article with a friend if you think they would enjoy it.

God bless,

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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