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Some people are simply born bright.  Have you noticed these individuals?  Their minds, memory, and thoughts when verbalized, are way ahead of yours.  Intelligence, however has many different forms it may take.  This article will discuss intelligence and the different types we have.  

Innate/Cognithive skill intelligence is the type of intelligence I will mention first.  I have seen or met very few people who have this type of intelligence.  Let’s pretend you are looking for a solution for anything, myself for example.  These highly intelligent thinkers come up with an answer before I am able to process the full issue.. 

One person who I have gotten to know personally would be our IT hosting specialist.  Before I can even organize my thoughts, Matthew has come up with a sensible solution and does it so fast.  He seems to be two steps ahead of me at all times.  It is not just because he works in a field I don’t know as much about.  It has to do with his agile thinking from any perspective, even outside the box thinking.  Did Matthew learn this in college?  I don’t believe so.  I think he was born with it.  I asked Matthew some questions I think are pertinent to cognitive ability and thinking process.  I found his answers fascinating. Next, are the questions I asked, and Matthew’s answers.

When you were a child, did you exhibit boredom easily? Yes; at a young age this was addressed by simply learning more about everything i could get my hands on. Soon, my school began letting me take classes for grades above me simultaneously with my onlevel work as a way to “keep me busy”. It’s a safe assumption that when I wasn’t kept busy, I was a problem child to my teachers who were focused on the other 30 students.  
How old were you when you walked? I was walking and talking around 18 months old. Somehow needed to move so badly that I skipped crawling all together. Schools and parents were not happy with the number of bruises that this faulty progression left me with. 
How were you grades?  I did really well in school until sophomore year of highschool. Until that point I was a straight A honor-roll kinda student. After that my lack of focus shifted my interests into more, harmful directions.
Are you a perfectionist? This is a tricky one. The truth is it relates to my interest and ego levels at any given point of time. If something is unlikely to be seen by others (family, friends, employer) then is much more likely to just do an ok job at a task, and be content with “just fixing the rest later” if i think there was more effort i could have given. On the contrary, if there is a high level of interest in a significant ego component to a particular task, then it will get my undivided attention. To be frank, it will get so much attention that it will be to the detriment of other tasks that I should be prioritizing, but can’t bother to focus on yet.  
You appear to hear, and receive, process information quickly.  Why do you think this is? I don’t listen well. That’s the honest truth. I am working really hard to be a better listener, but it’s a work in progress. The biggest reason for this is my need to find the answer. In doing so, I take each work I hear and filter them trying to find the fastest route to the solution a person may be asking about. This leads me to “jump” to conclusions very rapidly in a conversation. Time and repetition has honed the skill and for most scenarios I actually know the answer before a person finishes asking the question. The skill I do not possess is the ability to filter myself and not cut people off with my perceived answers before they finish because there are times when I guess the wrong questions to answer. 
Do you feel you talk or listen to others or both?  Talk, I am a terrible listener. My mind moves a million miles a minute and my mouth is not far off of that. I actually prefer to think aloud, thus rarely to I take time to listen to others.
What do you excel most with?  mathematics? or english or art? When I was younger it was math. Now problem solving and solution generation is more of what I can do. I have never been good at the fundamentals of English or language. Art is something I am jealous of, because I possess absolutely zero artistic creativity.   

Fluid intelligence-this is the basic reasoning and other mental activities which excel despite one’s education level.  In other words, it appears they are born with it.. It involves the portion of the brain which has to do with short term memory.  It also has to do with the ability to easily fall into any environment and fit in, learning the skill set necessary quickly to be successful

Another type of intelligence is called Crystallized intelligence.  It refers to learned procedures and knowledge a person gains with experiences.  This type of intelligence refers to Algebra learned in school, vocabulary and spelling.  This means although the person had to learn what they know, they were especially wired to absorb whatever it is they are taught as well as what the learn  in school and from others.

Emotional intelligence refers to one being able to. identify their own emotions correctly and other’s emotions.  Empathy plays a very important part of emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence has been described by leading psychologists in the field of E.I. and is described as the array of skills such as leadership, compatibility,  Currently, a debate exists as to whether emotional intelligence is an intelligence that should be taken seriously. These individuals have the ability to perceive emotions, access and generate emotion, Perceiving emotions, Understanding emotions, and managing emotions.  It is said that leadership skills are higher with one who has E. I.  They tend to have self-regulations, social skills, empathy and motivation. Although there are tests to measure E.I., Scientists are in doubt for counting this as a measurably scientifically.  According to a recent article by the journalist, Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence accounts for more career success than I.Q.  

There is much more to cover, but this is enough for today!  As always, thanks for reading.  Beneath the “ten reasons you should join daily wisdom words” please share your thoughts, or anything you wish in the “join the discussion” area of this post.  

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