Appreciating the Small Stuff

Appreciating the Small Stuff

“It’s the small things done often that make the difference.”

-Dr. John Gottman

All too often, we’re so caught up in the big scheme of things that we forget the significance of smaller things.

What we often forget is the small stuff, collectively, that makes up the bigger picture.

It’s like when we first open a jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces are small, others are big. But leave even one piece out and it just doesn’t look right.

As I write this post, I’m reminded of a friend who used to collect pennies. Anywhere he went, whether it be a restaurant, bank, movie theatre or just on the road, he’d pick up pennies he found.

Whenever he did this, many would laugh at him.

Ten years later, he decided to count it and was astonished to find a sum total of $488.

We’ve heard success stories of people who started out as janitors in a company and worked their way up to being CEO’s.

But that never would have happened had they not done their job as janitors compentantly.

Very often, the term “flipping burgars” is used in a derogatory manner.

But if you went into a restaurant and ordered a burger, what would you think if they told you to make it yourself since they don’t have anyone in the kitchen to do it?

Never underappreciate the smaller things and the smaller people in life.

Have you ever had an endeavor you thought was meaningless but turned out to be very significant?

Tell us about it by commenting below and joining the discussion.

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