Dreams are as simple or as complicated as the dreamer.
-Brian Herbert

Can what you dream at night come true, literally? It’s happened to me a few times. I dreamed a particular occurrence or event and within 48 hours of dreaming it, it unfolded in real life exactly the way it did in my dreams. Am I psychic?

According to Dr. Heidi Moawad, not necessarily. In an article she wrote for neurologytimes.com, Moawad alluded to enough scientific evidence that suggests that foreseeing the future in your dreams has as much of a chance of being a result of science as it does with paranormal ability.

In the article, Moawad suggested two possible reasons of night dreams coming true.

Firstly, a person may subconsciously work towards a particular outcome after dreaming it. For example, if a person dreams that they failed to conduct themselves appropriately during a job interview set to take place in the near future, they might be discouraged after waking up and subconsciously, convince themselves that whatever they do to prepare for the interview will be futile. Hence, their lack of effort will reduce significantly and in the end, the outcome will be just as inadequate as in the dream.

The other reason according to Moawad, might be based on a the fact that dreams at night are actually a composite of both conscious as well as subconscious memories prior to going to sleep.

In other words, during the day we may have seen subtle evidence of the probability of a future occurrence that will later manifest itself in our dreams. For example, you might have caught a weather report indicating freezing rain that at the time, you didn’t pay any attention to. Maybe it went in through one ear and out the other because you were preoccupied with something else.

Cut to nighttime and you’re in a deep sleep and start dreaming about a major accident on a highway. When you wake up, you hear about an accident in real life. Chances are that your mind was simply putting two and two together without realizing it. There’s a bigger chance of accidents during severe weather. But because you may not remember hearing about the freezing rain, it might appear like you predicted the future when in reality, all your dream state did was take the facts in your head and establish a logical conclusion. If there’s freezing rain, especially on the highway, an accident is very likely.

Apart from Moawad, there are others who believe that the connection to our dreams is much stronger than we imagine. Author Gregg Levoy wrote in an extensive article for psychologytoday.com that making dreams at night come true is all about improving our state of mindfulness.

Levoy wrote if we learn to interpret our dreams correctly and pay more attention to everything happening around us no matter how subtle or inconsequential it might seem at the time, both these steps, when done properly, will lead to an overall more content life.

What do you make of your dreams at night? Do you take them seriously or dismiss them? Do you agree with the points made in this article? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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