Dreaming While We Sleep

“Dreams don’t come true, they ARE true.”
-Author Tim Robbins

Have you ever had a dream while sleeping that replayed itself in reality later?

I have. Mind you, I’m not suggesting that I can see the future or have any kind of special telekinesis power to connect to another realm.

What has happened to me however, is that I’ve had a couple of scenarios in my dreams about something relatively minor that played themselves out in reality exactly the way they did in the dreams.

Was it a miracle? Am I gifted?

According to several psychologists as well as certified sleep experts, no. Both have argued that dreams we see while sleeping are alternate forms of intuitions we have all along but we’re too distracted to feel right away.

But because our brain activity is at it’s lowest while sleeping, it’s easier for the subconscious thoughts to come forward in a more clear manner. That’s why our dreams feel so real as we see and experience them.

Behavior specialist Gregg Levoy suggests that if you interpret them accurately, paying attention to your dreams can help you go a long way in fulfilling your ambitions.

The conflict arises when one wonders, what exactly qualifies as an accurate interpretation? After all, some dreams can be so weird and vague that we’re left with nothing but bemusement.

Some sleep experts say that the best thing to do is to look at the big picture of the dream and not pay heed to smaller things. Think about how the dream made you feel overall. Try to pay more attention to the metaphors more than anything else.

Some examples of this were posted in an article on psychologytoday.com:

  • If you’re on the fence about an important decision, you may dream about missing a flight or something else that’s timely, indicating that don’t think too much longer.
  • You might be doubting your abilities about something and have a dream in which you’re flying, indicating that nothing is impossible for you.
  • If you’re constantly around negative company, you might dream of being on an island, indicating to be alone for a while.

However literal or metaphoric your dreams may be, one thing is always unanimously agreed upon by those who have some degree of expertise on the subject: don’t ignore them.

Your dreams could be gateways to infinite possibilities if you take just a little time to remember them and analyse them.

Do you take your dreams at night seriously? Have you ever found one to come true? Share your thoughts & experiences by commenting below.

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