“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
-Dr. Seuss

Is hindsight really 20/20? Very often, we tend to look back and see how much more significant certain moments were then they seemed at the time.

Sometimes, the feeling is completely logical. Nobody has seen the future nor can anyone predict it. Sure, we can certainly guess based on our actions but never know for sure.

That begs the question if there’s any way to combat this and be more in control of the future. Or at least be more prepared for it.

On an elementary level, it’s fairly easy.

If you drink and drive, the outcome has a high probability of being negative. If you choose not to study for a test, there are less chances of you passing. If you do anything illegal, chances of having a run in with law enforcement increase.

In all of these examples, avoiding trouble is not difficult, simply avoid the actions.

In more complex situations, however, making such snap decisions is much harder.

While researching this topic, I spoke to a couple of psychologists who are friends of my therapist.

Both said that while nothing is a guarantee, there are ways to be “safer” in future, even in making decisions where the pros and cons are equally balanced.

One way is to coax yourself to think about the long-term effects of any decision.

If you’re in the mood for partying, think about the morning after before you reach for that fifth or sixth drink.

If you’re thinking about playing the stock market, make a list of ways you can recover should you have a loss.

In many ways, it’s nothing but a little logical preparation and keeping the worst case scenario in mind.

Then simply ask yourself if you’ll have both the physical as well as mental stamina to handle the worst case scenario. If yes, proceed. If not, stop yourself.

Is it always easy? Not by a longshot. We’re all human beings and emotions will always accompany logic.

But even if you apply the aforementioned techniques to just a few more decisions then you did before, the probability of better results certainly increases.

How do you make big decisions? Do you go with your gut? Do you analyse them? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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