We all use bandaids throughout our life to cover our hurts and pain.  In this Daily Wisdom Words post, bandaids will be used metaphorically.  Bandaids in the physical sense, are placed over cuts or wounds or scars and scratches on our bodies.  I am referring to the bandaids we place on our emotional pain.  Bandaids are not meant to heal a wound.  Bandaids are simply a cover until the wound heals on its own.  Emotionally, these wounds and scars don’t heal on their own.  They need treatment, or therapy of some kind so that a cover can be placed over them.  

Too often in life, we get hurt by many people, emotional events that happen to us, and scars caused by trauma.  Bandaids, unfortunately, is not a cure. They simply place a temporary instrument over the wound until it stops bleeding.  We need to stop the bleeding with emotions so we don’t do the quickest thing we think of:  Use a bandaid.  Some wounds require more than a bandaid such as physical, mental or verbal abuse.  These are wounds that require talking to a professional or getting support through friends and family members, journaling, and the job of healing these kinds of wounds take time.  We must take this time required to stop these wounds from turning into scars on our hearts.  

What are the consequences when we have a wound that requires “surgery” and we allow it to heal on its own?  The answer is these wounds do not heal and in the future, interacting in a new relationship, they play a role in your interaction with another person you have a relationship with.  Wounds requiring surgery where bandaids will not do the trick must be given the time to heal.  Emotional wounds may even require stitches, which is an analogy for therapy, journaling, talking this through with support groups and building a strong support system.

Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of Bandaids and our Daily Wisdom Word definition.  

Webster Definition of Bandaids-An adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center used to cover minor wounds.  2.  a makeshift or temporary solution

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-  (very close to definition 2 from the Webster Dictionary). 1.  Something we use to emotionally hide and cover wounds from trauma, emotional abuse, physical abuse or hurt and pain.

Bandaids will only cover emotional wounds.  They always form scars if not dealt with and simply covered up.  What is your biggest emotional wound?  Have you gone through the proper healing process to fully heal this wound, or do you allow your wounds to simply, “stop bleeding on their own using a bandaid to cover them up”?  This article should give us all something to think about.  The consequences of not healing these wounds play out in our interactions with others, and our future relationships.

Think about this, and please leave a comment on your feelings about this post.  Do you use bandaids to heal deep wounds needing stitches or do you take the steps that are necessary to fully heal them?  Leave a comment in the “join the discussion area directly beneath this post.  Thanks so much for reading.

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