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BENEVOLENCE IS DESPERATELY NEEDED IN TODAY’S WORLD.  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KIND AND BENEVOLENT WITH OTHERS, BUT ARE WE?  Do we show kindness from our heart towards others? Are we kind to our family?  are we kind and benevolent with strangers?  Before going any further, let us take a look at the definition of Benevolence. 

Webster Definition of benevolence-1.  The quality of being well-meaning;  kindness.   

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of benevolence-being kind, having good intentions with others. 

When we live in a country divided, we find less kindness or benevolence used in our treatment toward others.   We in fact find quite the opposite happening.  How sad for the elected official who sat alone with her child inside her home finding protesters outside of her house late at night having them outside.  What about the death threats with elected officials who have everything to lose when their lives are threatened and they have to request police protection?  We are under the detriment of a pandemic and kindness is a necessity to the sick and poor and quite simply, mankind.  Many of us are sick and need encouragement and benevolence to continue fighting all illness.  Human Beings need to be “touched”.  Being touched is not encouraged with a raging pandemic.  In fact, advice for us to remain safe is to socially distance, not because we want to, but because we HAVE TO to remain safe and well.  

We are in the middle of the holiday season as well.  Most of us experience sentimental feelings for those we have lost touch with and loved in our lifetime.  This is my first year without my sister.  Talking with her daughters, (my nieces), going through it during the holidays without their mother is very difficult for them.  I only want happiness for them and I feel their pain.  We all need more benevolence, empathy and yes, KINDNESS DOES MATTER!  Find it in your heart despite how or what you believe in to be benevolent towards others with your words and actions.  Love each other, and remember: we are all suffering through this pandemic together.  the more we separate and are unkind, the weaker we become.  Do you want to be a person who is kind, benevolent and empathetic or put simply, controversial and evil? 

Place the disagreement and political bias on the sidelines no matter what side of the fence you are on. I feel so sad when I see so much evil in this world.  Why do we disrespect our own democracy, and when we do, does this mean we should disrespect those who don’t agree with us?  I have NEVER EVER seen our country in this kind of chaos.  One has to ask themselves how important are our opinions and if they aren’t cohesive with another’s viewpoint, how far do we take it when the two viewpoints clash?  We need to exercise love and benevolence towards others. 

If  others don’t agree with us, should we isolate the people who disagree with our opinions and stand apart from these individuals?  Somehow does this make them “less than us” because they don’t have the same beliefs we do?  We need to be productive with our energy so why use it to exercise evil towards others even only in attitude?  We all have the right to our own opinion.  What we do not have the right to do is force those beliefs or opinions on others.  It is time to ask ourselves, if we have a leader in any capacity who encourages division rather than unity, is this positive or productive?  Are we fighting for what we believe in if the factual evidence is information we doubt and ultimately, is it worth it? At what point do we accept what is going to be even if it is not what we want?  Do we perhaps set aside some differences that can’t be changed for the greater good of mankind?  These are big questions requiring a big heart and honesty to answer.  IS the greater good for all of us in this country served best with division or unity and just HOW IMPORTANT should it be when our beliefs are different than our neighbors?  I would love your answers to these questions.  We have a comments section beneath this post to “Join the Discussion”.  Please do.  Samantha LeBoeuf-Founder       dailywisdomwords.com

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Michelle (@guest_8953)
4 months ago

Compelling n uplifting 🙏

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