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Why do we have disagreements?  At what point do they spin out of control and become arguments?  Before we answer these questions, let’s take a look at the meaning of disagreements in our Webster Dictionary.

Disagreements-1.  Lack of consensus or approval.  2.  Lack of consistency or correspondence.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Disagreements-inability to reach a compromise or resolve issues peacefully.

Disagreements are the preliminary step before full blown arguments.  Disagreements start when the kindness leaves the verbiage between two people who are having a dispute of some kind.  Disagreements need to be stopped 99% of the time because it isn’t productive to take the conversation to the argument level.  I want to talk about disagreements we have in our personal relationships.   This seems to be where the majority of the problem where disagreements are used for power plays or some other reason that isn’t above board with integrity.  Disagreements start when each party refuses to take responsibility for their emotions and truly feel they are in the right instead of taking responsibility for their feelings and emotions which is what adults do.  To resolve a dispute the best thing one can do if the issue really is what is being portrayed on a surface level to the other party is to have Conversations like this which needs to be started by asking the other party for permission to speak.

Asking for permission to have productive dialogue is a great way to steer the conversation back to  some form of normalcy.  Once you have permission and the floor is yours, start the conversation by taking responsibility for your feelings.  A great way to do this is to start your sentences off with these words:  “I think”, “I feel”,  “I chose to”.  This takes the pressure off the other party to respond in a defensive manner, especially if you both have talked about how you will handle disagreements prior to having this one.  

Healthy couples usually have a game plan they stick to and have discussed how they will deal with arguments when they have to.  Disagreements don’t have to be non-productive.  In fact, they can be healthy if disagreements follow the platform I have just gone over with from the beginning or start of the disagreement.  

Once one party has spoken their peace, the other party in the disagreement should do the same, stating their feelings taking responsibility for those feelings when communicating those feelings on their end. 

These are just a few constructive thoughts on dealing with disagreements and there are many more productive avenues to use to avoid the next step of a disagreement escalating into an argument.  Thank you for reading about disagreements today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day!!  

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