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by: Abuh Monday Eneojo

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela


How are you doing today? I’m glad you made it to this article. I’ll be talking about fear from a me perspective in a while but before that, I’d like to welcome you and ask you to join us by clicking on BECOME A MEMBER. 

Okay. Let’s get to it. Fear! It one thing people fear in our society. The sound or knowledge of danger is always approached with utter caution.

Often times I ask myself why people scare easily but the answer did not come to me until I started typing this article.

Some months ago, I was heading to church with high hopes of getting to church on time as I walked, hastily.

I never knew…no, I knew there were dogs around but the thought evaded my mind at that time because all I could think of was how to get to church on time.

I was gobsmacked when I heard violent barks coming my way. Shock became a companion. My heart raced because I was scared. That wasn’t the first time 😁

You see, fear comes when you desire not hurt, cannot control a scenario and when things come without prior knowledge of their arrival.

I may be wrong but I feel it right because like you, I have my own fair share of fear.

The question now is, is fear a negative or positive vibe? Is it a sign of weakness or strength?

What do you think?

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
5 months ago

Fear is a necessary emotion when the danger is real, but when fear becomes a generalized anxiety emotion over an unknown future, it becomes a problem. Then we cross into worry about things that in all probability will not happen. Good question, Monday.

Deborah (@guest_8735)
5 months ago

It is a sign of strength cause a man that has nothing to lose has nothing to fear!

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