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What does it mean to be a luminary?  Luminaries are not easily found.  Often, we have to look at history to find them.  Let us first take a look at the definition of a luminary.  

Webster Dictionary meaning of Luminary-a person who inspires or influences others especially one prominent in a particular sphere.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of a luminary-A person who has a special light that is emanated from their heart and soul.  

Luminaries are hard to find.  This is why we don’t often hear the word used.  Luminaries are special and unique and shine brightly when they walk into a room.  They may be a famous person or a person who has made their mark in history.  Luminaries are the people who have a vision for the future and create an avenue to illuminate their vision.  They find a way to make their dreams real.  

I believe we all have a role in life God assigns us to play.  There could not be leaders without followers.  There could not be visionaries without scientists.  It takes all kinds of individuals to create our differences and uniqueness.  Every once in a while, you will meet someone special.  This person will stand out because of their kindness.  They usually have many friends due to their warmth and spirit.  Often, they are one of the leaders in the community.  You may know a luminary but haven’t identified them as such.  

Luminaries inspire others.  A luminary will be the one who creates the plan for something positive.  People subconsciously notice that they are special and they tend to have a strong ability to influence others towards positive enlightenment.  They move towards progress and progress is change.  Without luminaries, many of the positive discoveries made in history would not have happened.  

Do you know a luminary but possibly haven’t identified them as such?  Luminaries are the illumination of new pathways in life.  They make their mark in history and influence others with their original thoughts and ideas.  Although not mentioned in our definition, luminaries are who we may label as a living angel.  Many influenced individuals tend to follow luminaries or are their friend. 

There is a comment section beneath this post, labeled “join the discussion”.  I would love to hear your experience if you’ve met a luminary.  Please start the discussion.  It is okay to be the first to comment.  I will always respond to comments as well as other readers.  

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Samantha Leboeuf



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