When you have one or two things to do with pictures then you’ll certainly have an eye for quality when you spot one.

A friend of mine took this Picture and I’d like each and everyone to;

-Look at it carefully

-Compose a poem inspired by picture and words in the title (Focus & Sun)

-Share with us

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Shirley Satterfield (@guest_6968)
10 months ago

Have a wonderful day Monday.❤️

Shirley Satterfield (@guest_6967)
10 months ago

My focus is on the Grill Master
Of the sun.
He is the light of this old dark. plight.
Towards Him all of creation needs to run.
He stokes the fires of our minor star.
He is the master of all the light
That shines on us from afar.

Michelle (@michelle)
10 months ago

Beauty n hope shines
telegraphing my mind
where pathos of memories
glow in a tear
restorative be the sun
where pain n sacrifice
focused in a smile
will suffice in
opportunities of time.

@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
10 months ago

Children of the sun
we focus love within our lives
sharing our light
across the universe.

Shadows reign around us
reshaping such visions
as we hold each other
standing together.

Centered within vast realms
we reach for our apotheosis
making our daily bread
endeavoring to be free.

Reenie (@guest_6944)
10 months ago

The sun shines
On my face
As I enjoy
A beach day
I turn my focus
To the sea
What amazing
Stories it
The beauty
Inspires me
To write
Just breathe

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