Do you have trouble coping with loss?   I think we all do to some degree.  We all know what loss means, but it is still somewhat subjective to each individual.  Let us take a look at the general definition in our Webster Dictionary.

Loss-1.  The fact or process of losing something or someone

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Loss-1.  The feelings associated with something or something being removed from your life, permanently or long-term.

Loss is difficult for all of us.  To some of us, however important the something or someone you lose is, will determine how well we take it.  I think loss is closely associated with our sensitivity and coping mechanisms.  If we had a healthy foundation built from a positive childhood, and healthy environment where we were emotionally reassured with the right amount of time and dedication, we can cope with loss better than if we didn’t have this type of background.

Loss is painful.  Some of us view it as a part of life, while others are more personal about it, and feel very angry.  For myself, loss is difficult.  I find myself going through the different stages of grief, then, finally accepting it.

My sister, as I have mentioned, is going through a difficult time with Oral Cancer, and it is advanced.  I find myself at the beginning stages of concern I may lose her, although the doctor’s are optimistic that they have finally gotten all of the cancer.  I, however, didn’t have as much support as some of us  may have had in our past.  I never had to deal with losing anyone valuable to me  by death until I was an adult.  I am a very sensitive person, and loss has been difficult for me in romantic love relationships as well because of this.

Today, I went through a different kind of loss.  I host the website, daily wisdom words on a voluntary basis.  I lost someone very important to our website on a personal level as well as business, although I know logically we will always remain close.  The biggest thing we shared together that kept us bonded, was our passion for this website.  I find myself feeling alone with the job to own it without his constant support I have always relied on.

There are resources for us all available when various types of losses do occur including specific groups related to the type of loss we are suffering, Individual Psychiatrists and Psychologists we can meet with, our personal faith, and surrounding ourselves with positive, supportive, inspiring people we can turn to when dealing with it.

Remember, with whatever direction you seek when going through any type of loss. it is important to deal with it, period.  Do not keep it to yourself, sharing the burden alone.

Thanks so much for reading about loss today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day, and remember, after clicking on the link to read this article, to scroll down below it, after you’ve finished reading, and leaving a comment, quote or poem about your personal experienced with loss where you see, “join the discussion”and leave us your response in the rectangular square provided.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW



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Ace Apayda (@guest_2696)
1 year ago

I am hoping I can fill
The void left
I struggle in my own ways
But I can flex my muscles and take on
A crown
If you’ll take your sword
and bless my shoulders.
Make me a knight
of vocal prowess.
I’ll rise
And beat down any enemy soldiers.
Use my words as the greatest weapon.
Yet gently lay them upon
Those who feel the same way I feel,
And welcome them open arms.
Arms that could wrap around the world.

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