“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.”

-James O’Barr

We all go through it. It happens to people we love and cherish dearly. You know it’s coming and will continue to come till the end of humanity. It’s pre-destined from the day you’re born.

I’m talking about death.

Despite its inevitability, it still hurts. We all go through periods of grieving the loss of loved ones. If death is inevitable, so is the pain that comes with it.

So how does one deal with it? Like any other emotion, periods of mourning need a balance.

When someone dear to us departs this world, it’ll hurt. It’ll cause tears. But that’s okay.

The tears and pain symbolize just how much we loved the one who’s gone.

It’s perfectly normal and should not try to be prevented. On the contrary, as I’ve said countless times in other posts, the most dangerous thing you can do is hold in the grief or try to suppress it.

However, it’s also crucial to cherish the good times and all the pleasant memories of the departed.

It’s important that your association with the person who’s dead doesn’t permanently become a negative. You don’t want to live a life where all you can think of is sorrow and grief when thinking about people who are gone.

If the ones who departed were truly close to us, they too would perhaps advise the same. Because not only does living like that hurt you, it also hurts the one who’s gone.

So when you deal with loss, cry a little and mourn a little. Take your time in dealing with it.

But simultaneously, smile afterwards at the thought of having such a special relationship with the person who’s gone.

How do you deal with a death of a loved one? How much time do you give yourself to grieve? Is it a difficult process to eventually overcome it? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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