“Hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” 

-Michelle Parsons

Is there actually such a level as rock bottom? Or is it just an expression? 

By definition, hitting rock bottom is losing everything possible to the extent that ascension of any kind is ostensibly impossible.

But the success stories that stem from people who “lost everything” and still rose to the top seem seem to be a little contradictory to that. If you manage to get back up, it means you probably had something left even if that something wasn’t tangible. 

At the risk of sounding morose, to me rock bottom would be dying. Death is the only finality which keeps you from getting back up. Even people who have been in a coma for years have miraculously woken up. 

That said, I can certainly understand the emotions that accompanying losing everything tangible. It’s no doubt, a scary feeling. And as someone with depression, I certainly know the feeling of something feeling like much worse than it actually is.

So I’m certainly not disregarding that fear of having your back is against the wall. If anyone can identify with that kind of tension and anxiety, it’s definitely me.

But if our outlook is modified just a bit, perhaps the seed of rising back up can be planted more easily. If we remind ourselves that no matter what happens, the end only comes with death, the motivation to bring change might be just a but more appealing.

I remember reading a quote once that said put your hand on your heart. Then feel your pulse afterwards. If both are intact, you still have a shot at winning the game of life.

How do you perceive hitting rock bottom? Do you see it as losing materialistic things like your home, car, etc? Or is it more of a psychological feeling for you? Or perhaps a bit of both? Do you believe that a person can come out of any bad circumstance if they’re still alive? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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