“Don’t make a permanent decision about a temporary emotion.”

I do it. You do it. Everyone does it. From time to time, we all seek advice from our loved ones.

But should you always take it?

Suppose two members of family say the opposite thing?  What if there’s a lot of risk involved in what each one is saying? How do you proceed?

With caution.

The key to applying advice appropriately from anyone is properly attributing it to where it’s crucial.

One piece of advice is never apt for all adversities or for that matter, even all people facing the same adversity.

We are all unique and our situations are different. Our issues may be similar or even the same but the context of those issues will always be different.

For example, all couples fight and argue. But is divorce the solution for everyone? Of course not.

Some need better communication and some need marriage counseling. Some may need a trial separation. Others might have no choice but to divorce.

But it can only be determined after examining the context. Weigh the pros and cons. If the person giving you advice went the same circumstances, go over the minute differences.

Never be afraid or hesitate to seek wisdom from others. But always take it in the right context. Create a “what if” situation for both your perspective and for the other people involved. And then move forward.

Do regularly seek advice or give it? Are you analytical or more intuitive about it? Share your thoughts by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Hi, I'm Neel! I'm a writer (fiction and poetry), a journalist and currently working in the advertising business. I'm also a mental health advocate, having been diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago.
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