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WE ARE ALL CREATIVE AND GIFTED WITH ORIGINALITY.  THERE IS ONLY ONE “YOU” IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD.  I Find it fascinating that we are all different, original and unique. Your  originality is seen sometimes visual.  You look different than everyone else.  You are special and unique.  I am going to take this one step further.  Who we are is divided into three parts.  Our soul, mind and body.  Each of these qualities are original.  We all have periods in life when our originality needs to shine, and it feels as if it doesn’t. 

We don’t realize we will stand out from others not by coloring our hair pink, or dressing with clothing that stands out or piercing our tongue.  We stand out when we allow our soul to shine.  We stand out where it counts.  We speak our opinion expressing our voice.  This in and of itself is originality within yourself.  If you want to dye your hair pink, or  get piercings, or tattoos go for it.  My point in bringing it up is we do not need these things to be original.  We are born original.  If you decide to get a piercing, dye your hair green, do it because you like it! 

This is a reason to definitely go for those options “if it is simply because you like it”.  If you do something to change who you are even if it is to better yourself, building on your own foundation, that is awesome.  Never compromise your originality to be someone else’s idea of who you should be or change yourself for others.  We lose some of our originality when we try to “fit in”. Your originality is the one thing that is who you are and yours alone.  I see us making decisions to be or do someone that we are not, making decisions that  make ourselves stand out.  Let us take a peak at the meaning of originality in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom word definition. 

Webster Definition of originality-1.  The ability to think independently and creatively. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  the core of our being or soul.  

This is not why you should be doing whatever it is you feel will make you fit in with a friend, a boyfriend, or a whole circle of friends.  Real self-confidence is found in originality that is internal and this originates from your core.  It shows in your personality, your actions, and who you are.  Don’t give your originality up for anyone.  Do not change for others to “make things work”.  Inside we need to remember we are special in and of ourselves and to change this for someone else is simply not worth the sacrifice we would be making with our originality.  If you are working on behavior “together” looking for a middle ground, this is not compromising your originality.  It is your inner strength and heart wanting to compromise to make a relationship work because it is worth it and is done with your partner who modifies some things for you as well.   Thanks so much for reading about “originality” today.  I hope something in this writing touches you in some way.  If it does, please share beneath this post and “join the discussion”.   

Thanks for reading, Samantha LeBoeuf


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