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EACH OF US HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS AND OPINIONS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS.  SOMETIMES, THE MORE WE ARE ABLE TO HEAR ANOTHER’S POINT OF VIEW, THE MORE WE ARE ABLE TO REMAIN OPEN-MINDED AND OBJECTIVE.  WE may find we even learn something new if we are open to another’s viewpoint.  Viewpoints after all. are perspectives in many dimensions like colors in a kaleidoscope.  There are many different colors to see angles or viewpoints from.  When communicating with others, the dynamics of various points of view and being able to see both sides is a necessity when communicating with others. 

Viewpoints are perspectives how we perceive things. ecause we see something the way we do, does not make it so.  Having an open mind is key when evaluating differences viewpoints present to many of us.  It is often said, wisdom is in the ability to take those opinions and process them as objectively as possible.  As we all have heard, “don’t discuss politics or religion.”  We find some of the strongest viewpoints come into play when talking about our viewpoints and what we believe.  We enter new territory with strong subject matter such as politics or religion where most people feel emotions with what their viewpoints are.  This is different for example than another’s viewpoint about how best to fix a particular recipe. 

It is easy to stay open minded when discussing subjects that evoke less emotion than strong opinions on a particular viewpoint involving our faith or religious convictions.  These are subjects we all feel strongly about.  One area sure to provoke insight from both sides of the aisle happens when one person believes with faith there is a God and others do not.  Others who are agnostic or atheist cannot understand the opposite side of a coin in belief which is having a strong faith and conviction there is a God verses the thought that there isn’t.  The further apart an opinion or viewpoint is, the more difficult it becomes to see another’s thought process. 

Let us take a look at the definition of “viewpoints” both in our Webster Dictionary and our daily wisdom word meaning. 

Webster Definition of viewpoint-1.  a position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated;  Point of View, Standpoint. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of viewpoints-1.  a thought or belief system felt in each of us which may result in strong convictions based on our emotional investment in this viewpoint. 

People such as judges, cannot afford to bring personal viewpoints into a courtroom.  Imagine how difficult it must be to be a judge listening to opposing opinions which they may have a preconception about.  Judges must stay objective, and if we wish to learn from others how they think, we should at the very least do our best to listen with an open mind.  Stay away from discussions involving others where you know in advance the subject itself can cause us to “disagree”.  To listen to another person who has a different point of view, objectively with an open mind requires us to put our own thoughts that conflict with their opinion even if only to allow them to share their point of view.  Thanks so much for reading about viewpoints today.  As always, I would love to hear your opinion or viewpoint on what you’ve just read.  Beneath this article is a place to “join the discussion”.  I would love any contributions you may have about one’s viewpoint or perhaps angles of productivity when listening to others opinions. 

Thanks so much,  Samantha LeBoeuf-Dailywisdomwords.com


Samantha Leboeuf-founder/daily wisdom words, LLC
Founder: Daily Wisdom Words, LLC. I love Poetry and am an Author as well.   There is a lot of meaning in the title of my book, Daily Wisdom Words, Volume l. My previous experience is in Sales and Marketing. Previously, I was in charge of Development through the Marketing and Sales of New Homes' in new home communities for close to 20 years.  I was a licensed Real Estate Broker selling/listing homes in the Colorado market.  While doing this, I hosted a cable network show called, "From Trees to Keys", my portion for Colorado Living Inc.. I enjoyed creating interview questions, working for Developers of New Home Communities, hosting Live on actual construction sites, describing and displaying on television camera various stages of construction as the home was built from start to finish. I interviewed various land developers, New Home Builders, Real Estate Brokers, and other people in the Real Estate Business for one year. Previous Experience: I was licensed through the "Securities and Exchange Commission" as a Principal for Limited Partnerships and sold them as well. I held a Series 22, 63, as well as License, to manage a brokerage firm called a series 39. I enjoyed running a small branch office of an Oil and Gas Company in Colorado for approximately one year. Hobbies: I have always loved Poetry and Writing.  I was declared "Permanently Disabled" due to Breast Cancer and CRPS-(Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome).  I began focusing on my writing. I volunteered for an online poetry community,  "Realistic Poetry" for approximately six months. I decided to start Daily Wisdom Words, LLC after volunteering for an online poetry community and thinking of ways that I would improve this concept and offer something for every KIND of #Writer:  Authors, Bloggers, Poets, Songwriters, Original Quote Creatives, and short story writers. I have two grown children, a son, 33, and a daughter 31,  who lives in Idaho with her husband. They have a son, my first grandchild who will be three years old, soon!  They welcomed their second child, Easton Jay into the world, 5/4//2021. Updates are necessary as my son is now married to my lovely daughter-in-law who is awesome.  She just gave birth to their first son on 5/5/2021, who is so beautiful having the name Logan James Leboeuf. This is her and my son's first child.  Hard to believe their child has a birthday one day ahead of my daughter and son-in-law's second child, Little E.  So exciting!!  I love children! Thanks so much for reading!  We humbly love this community and the members who are part of it. We think of ourselves as a family, and every member makes up part of it.  Please view our website, dailywisdomwords.com fully as it is constantly changing!!  We are always adding new prompts, and new content, and are so very proud to be debuting with our first podcast, "Daily Wisdom Words Podcast."  Episode #101 with Dr. Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  She will be our first guest.  Please watch as it airs 6/12/2021 June 12, 2021 9:00 am pacific time.  Thank you in advance if you are new to daily wisdom words, and welcome to the family. Samantha LeBoeuf
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