WHAT ARE “TRIGGERS”?  THE TRIGGERS I AM REFERRING TO ARE OUR “EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS”.  EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS STEM FROM PAST TRAUMA.  DEPENDING ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES, WE experience sensitivity to certain things that happen to us in our current state.  The only way to deal with the triggers is to trace them back to what the initial event was that caused the trigger to begin with.  

We will now take a look at the meaning of triggers in our Webster Dictionary and our daily wisdom words definition. 

Webster Dictionary Definition of Triggers-1.  An event or circumstance that causes a certain event to happen or take place.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Triggers-An emotional response that often is overkill to a particular event.  Triggers occur when we have “emotional baggage” we did not deal with from our past.  

Our past is key to figuring out the root of this emotional trigger.  Until we deal with the emotional scars we didn’t cope or confront from our past, we cannot get to the root cause of them.  Until we trace back in our past what event caused the emotional trigger, we will continue to suffer with these triggers that apply to us. 

I will use myself as an example.  I have always been extremely sensitive about things.  Oftentimes others joke with me and I will feel I am the butt end of the joke.  In “reality” this isn’t the case or intention from the person who told the joke.  My being “overly sensitive” caused the joke to be internalized.  I have had much counseling in my past.  It has helped me hopefully help others. It didn’t take brain surgery to figure out why I had this emotional trigger.  I was often teased as a child by the individuals in my life I cared for the most. 

This began a series of emotional “triggers’ in adulthood.  Unfortunately, simply tracing a current issue we have back from where it started, is not enough to fix it.  We will still suffer from these same triggers.  However, when this particular trigger occurs, we will learn to desensitize ourselves when we have this emotional trigger, over time.  We will also learn to put the current event into the proper perspective it belongs.  We will also learn to take emotional accountability for our part in this trigger.  Coping with our past trauma is the only way we will ever be able to deal with the current emotional expression we show and feel when we are triggered. 

Dealing with emotional trauma from our past or current emotional trauma when life throws us a current curve ball like a family member dying, is the only way our sickness we will cope with new triggers we can develop in adulthood.   We must learn to cope with our trauma when it plays out by seeking professional counseling if necessary.  Stuffing emotions in, or not coping with them as a child or in adulthood cause misunderstandings inside our heart only hurting ourselves.  I hope this helps someone out there today.  It is much easier to deal with our triggers by not letting them permeate emotionally to begin with. 

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Samantha LeBoeuf/Daily Wisdom Words  

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ReenieReid1 (@reeniereid1)
5 months ago

Everything about this article I can relate to. I have so many trigger words ( though therapy has taught me not to let me control my reaction to the) from childhood. I too was tease- a lot- by family members- They had no idea the impact these words had on me. We are taught at a young age not to tease other kids. But adults are not taught to not tease children. That’s where we need to start! Beautiful written article Sam 👏👏👏👏👏❤️

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