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WORRYING                                       (HOW DO WE STOP IT?)

How do we cope with worry?  Does any good come from worrying?  There is no evidence that worry does anything that is positive. Worrying is destructive.  We worry about our finances, illness, our children, our life, others, and sadly, it is normal but an outlet most of us overuse.  We need to find another outlet to get rid of excessive worry.  There is one thing we can do which is control the amount of time we worry.  We can allow ourselves a certain amount of time we worry by allowing ourselves five minutes to worry, timing it by a clock.  This may seem silly, but before judging this, try it.  When we are conscious of our thoughts, we can control them.  We need to prepare ahead of time.  How do we do this?

When we write down how we are feeling, especially when worrying, we are giving ourselves an outlet.  I wrote on the daily wisdom word, release just today.  We must find a way to release all of the negative energy when we worry.  One good wisdom statement I have always thought of is this:  We can’t control the future, and we can’t change the past.  All we can do is “live” in the present.  Living is not about worrying.  Horrific things go on in life.   I am dealing with family situations and I find my mind drifting towards all the negativity. There are a number of ways to help with worry but no sure way to ever make it go away.  I think some worrying is parr for the course.  I even think that a little worrying may be okay simply because it prepares us for the hardships out there by at least preparing our mind.    Let us take a look at the definition of worry in the Webster Dictionary.  

Webster definition of worry-1. give away to anxiety or unease, allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.  

Daily Wisdom Words definition of worry-1.  to be and stay constantly concerned about a situation allowing them or it to cause ill-ease.

If worrying about things monopolizes your day, than you may be suffering with generalized anxiety disorder.  If this is the case, you will need to engage in potential psychotherapy.  It is one thing to choose not to worry.  It is another to escape from worry.  Zoning out in front of the television or zoning out with drugs or alcohol can cause us to “escape, but not fix our problem with excessive worry.  Here are some suggestions to help you evaluate how to stop worrying. 

  1.  take a worry time, daily.  Set aside time to worry.  Allow yourself to worry during this time period, but do not allow yourself to worry any more than this.  This requires being conscious of one’s thoughts and breathing.  
  2. Write down or journal about your worries.  This provides an exit strategy for the mind.  
  3. if you find yourself missing sleep over worrying, it is time to seek the help of a professional counselor who deals with worry and anxiety and even potential medicines that help
  4. do an objective assertion as to whether you are problem solving or looking for solutions, or the opposite which is to worry.  

Thanks so much for reading about worry and my suggestions to help it.  I suffer from G.A.D. and do use negative solutions myself sometimes.  Have a beautiful day.  

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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