“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency.”

-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

How did I go from feeling very optimistic to desolate to optimistic again?

I was wondering this last night when I was in the process of deleting old e-mails. While doing so, I came across a chain of e-mails with a very dear friend of mine.

The e-mails themselves weren’t as significant as the time period spanned between them. There were periods early on (2018, 2019) when both of us were optimistic. That’s certainly not to say that we didn’t have bad days. Still, by and large we seemed to be okay.

For the sake of context, I should add that we both have fought mental health issues. I, as alluded to in many of my articles, have clinical depression. My friend has had several issues including PTSD and trauma and has been a source of inspiration for me many times.

Getting back to the e-mails, there were periods (much of 2020) when both of us were at the end of rope in terms of grasping at straws for respite. During that period, we tried our best to support each other but it wasn’t easy.

And then there were several e-mails exchanged this year, which may not have all expressed “I’m fine. You’re fine. Let’s party.” But many of them did express rays of hope.

I don’t want to speak for my friend but I can tell you how I felt. Seeing unwavering and unfiltered support from her on a regular basis made me feel that things will be okay. It took time but rereading those e-mails in totality had such a huge impact on me.

How exactly did that help me get back my groove? Consistency of support.

There are times when we or people we care about are so low that nothing may appear to work. Even words of encouragement might seem futile.

And that’s okay. Keep at it. If you know people who are hurting, keep being there for them even if it doesn’t seem to make a difference at first.

What’ll eventually happen is what happened to me. They’ll look back in totality and how much support they have. What might have seemed like a passing compliment will become so much more.

It’s certainly not some “miracle cure.” Nothing is. But consistency in support will, at some point add up to an amount which certainly can’t be ignored.

What do you think are key elements to helping people when nothing seems to work? Do you agree that consistency is beneficial? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Noble Member
1 month ago

Neel, I love this post….and poem!! don’t ever forget about “inconsistency on occasion. I have never lost faith in us or our dream. Hang on because it is “time for the climb”

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